We believe that honesty is the best form of business at Wooden Journey. Please read below for some information about how we function on important topics in our store! 

Please note that each and every photo that you see under our “Gallery” tab are pictures of where we are planting trees. These are NOT stock images and are taken directly at our tree planting sites. We believe that by showing these incredible photos taken across the world, we can share our work and be able to show the work that our community helps accomplish in these areas. We make sure that the trees we plant have a positive impact in the environments that they will thrive in!

Financial integrity is also very important here at Wooden Journey. Among the sites that we help plant at, prices vary from pet tree from under $1 to as high $4 per tree. We are planting in the areas that we feel need it the most and plant there accordingly. That being said, dependent on the tier that our subscribers choose in turn helps plant across these regions. 
We currently donate an absolute minimum of 20% of our revenue but that percent is often much higher in order to plant even more trees and conserve even more rainforest. Please keep in mind and respect that we are a very small organization of only 2 people with minimal resources and just like any store or nonprofit-we have overhead and monthly bills that we must pay such as taxes so we can continue to making an environmental impact.
As we mention clearly and specifically right on on our home page, we work with incredible organizations at various tree sites such as One Tree Planted for our Amazon and Australia sites, a few small remote organizations in Uganda as well as Indonesia, and the Rainforest Trust for rainforest conservation. Through Wooden Journey we can collect funds that can be spread throughout the areas so anyone, anywhere would be able to make an environmental change and truly plant across the world with our help. That is the reason that we were founded and stand by our mission to the fullest. We only plant trees that 1. Have a positive environmental impact 2. Help local communities/help create sustainable jobs and 3. Are only native plants to help further the integrity of the natural area. We work with these organizations because of the high nonprofit ratings and for the environmental impact that they have. Any more information from the organizations we choose to work with can be found at and We would only ever support organizations making committed strides in environmental change.
Every necklace is handmade in the state of New York by our team. We make each and every necklace and do not outsource these being made. We use a sustainable bamboo string since bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials that can be used in any sort of production. It is also designed and distributed within the US. For the wood of our necklace, we are actually in the process of transitioning to collect upcycled wood! Did you know that upcycled wood is the most sustainable wood available? It is wood that is being repurposed that was otherwise already headed to a landfill! 
It is important for organizations to be thorough and transparent. Wooden Journey was founded to make a difference to help our shared world, and nothing would ever change that. We were founded Earth Day, 2019 and are very proud of that fact since it ties in fully with our environmental values. Your support is absolutely and fully appreciated and we are truly making a difference together!