Our Story

My name is Nick, and this is the story of Wooden Journey...

One day, as I was sitting on my couch alone, I found myself devastated realizing all of the deforestation and other environmental issues that were taking place. I realized I was only one person, far away from all of these issues.

I will never forget that feeling. It was the most alone that I have ever felt.

But, something in my heart told me I wasn't the only one who felt this way too.

That day, I took step one to set out on my journey to find a solution for those who felt the same way that I did.

​Through this, I had a crazy idea...

What if I could bring the solution right to you? 

What if you could plant trees worldwide while you explore and learn about our world, right from home?

​Through this, I started our premium newsletter

​Through our paid newsletter, anyone who wants to plant trees worldwide can now do so every month.

Turns out...this idea wasn't such a crazy one after all either...

Since our recent founding date of Earth Day 2019, Wooden Journey:

Established a worldwide community of over 160,000 members across social media.

Planted over 25,000 Trees internationally across areas such as Madagascar, Australia, The Amazon, Indonesia, Nepal, and Africa.

Conserved 14 Million Square Feet of land helping indigenous communities and supporting crucial wildlife habitats.

​I will never stop working to making this world greener and better for not only people, but the incredible animals that share our planet.

​Help me write the next chapter of Wooden Journey.

​Help me reforest the world + make it a greener place.