Our Tree Sites


Below are some of the countries that we are plant trees in alongside our tree planting partners - Eden Projects!
As we continue to work on developing our very own tree planting sites when we are able to, our partners help assure that only healthy, well established, and native trees are being planted. 


Image by Yasmine Arfaoui

Madagascar is one of the most biodiverse places our world has to offer. Did you know that over 90% of the country's native forests have been deforested? This is just one of the many reasons this area needs protection and help becoming reforested. We are working with Eden Projects to replant mangrove trees here. This not only helps replenish the habitat itself, but also plays a key role in sediment erosion. Mangrove roots really bind the land together and contribute extensively to severe weather conditions that may otherwise deplete the region.

Latin America

Image by Gabriella Trejoss

It does not come to anyone's surprise on how special and biodiverse Central America is. This incredible region is home to a plethora of different types of animal and plant species alike. Unfortunately, many key areas within Latin and South America are in danger to high levels of deforestation to make way for agricultural processes and logging operations. Once this occurs, the land gets highly degraded and destroys the regions native fauna. This is why we are choosing to help plant trees here. With the help of Eden Projects, we are able to reforest protected lands that have already been impacted by agriculture and help replenish the land that was lost with native plant species, all while helping create sustainable jobs to the local citizens that call this area home.


Image by Aaron Thomas

This incredible region is home to some of the most amazing animals that we share our world with. Unfortunately, Indonesia is very prone to deforestation for agricultural processes such as palm oil production. The rich and bountiful soil found within the rainforests here is obviously beneficial to farmers, however, this leads to native tree and animal species being pushed out, trees being cleared, and palm oil production taking its place. We are very proud to be working in two sites within Indonesia! One being Biak Island with Eden Projects to help restore mangrove trees here as well, and for our other shared site...please read below!


Image by Luca Ambrosi

We are very excited to announce that we are working on developing and sharing a site in Bukit Lawang, Sumatra!At this location, we will be helping plant a tree called the durian fruit tree...and here is why! The site we are working on helping manage is actually an old rubber plantation, and is located directly next to an orangutan reservation! There are just so many other animals and plants that call this area home, and Wooden Journey is very excited to be showing you more and more of this site as we develop our operations there. Could a live camera be coming so you can maybe spot an orangutan in the wild from home? We have already helped plant trees here, and are really excited to be planting even more as well as help manage the forest itself.


 Stay tuned for more!