Watt are we waiting for?

Hello everyone! As mentioned on our last post, today we will be talking about hot news regarding clean energy and what we are doing to contribute to relying only on a environmentally friendly grid. We will be discussing some of the facts for you to get a better holistic picture about what we need to overcome as a whole.

Lets focus for now on the U.S. and our current relationship with oil. At the moment, we currently have approximately 100 years worth of oil to provide the necessities of current trends in powering the world. That's not too long into the future if you really think about it. It's not whether or not there will be a green revolution, but when. Not only that, but oil has some serious public health and economic effects, which we will touch on in a future post. According to the United States Department of Energy, we are currently using approximately 80% of our energy from oil and natural gas. This is currently adding millions of tonnes of greenhouse gasses into our air, specifically carbon dioxide. About 23% of our energy production comes from clean energy sources. Now, when we say clean, that does NOT just mean solar and wind. Nuclear energy is a huge but often forgotten about energy supplier.

Hitting the 2 degree celsius marker (globally speaking) is key if we are to avoid the worst of climate impacts. Now, the 80% factor can be scary when you see it listed like that. "How can we possibly provide the economic funds to be fully reliant on clean energy? That's trillions of dollars that I don't have." Look at that....nature helps again...

Do you know how much the oceans and forests currently absorb for us? The number is pretty staggering...the plants in our oceans and forests currently offset about 50% of the excess carbon dioxide that we produce. That means, in order to get back to pre-industrial levels, we only need to provide roughly 30-40% more of our total energy usage to clean power. That's a more reasonable factor to achieve in the time frame that we are looking at.

Here at Wooden Journey, we believe renewable and clean energy is the way that the world should be. We are currently funding clean energy projects in various locations in order to help create a more sustainable world. 

We will talk more in depth on how much CO2 is added to the air among different sectors in a later post. In our next post we will talk  about another harmful greenhouse gas that is significantly adding to climate change and is often forgotten about, methane. See you there!

"The nation that leads with renewable energy will be the nation that leads the world."