Intro to Wooden Journey

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wooden Journey!

We are very excited to bring you informative, fun, and relevant posts on a variety of issues surrounding climate change. Climate change is such an important issue that impacts us all, and as a company, we are committed to focusing on how we can be a leader on climate solutions. It is the reason behind our company name.  We are all connected, and we need to make these changes together.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when learning about the many problems that are currently effecting our environment. Our society is facing rising carbon dioxide and methane levels, sea levels rising, plastic pollution, and forest habitat destruction.

Here at Wooden Journey, it is our mission to make it easy and fun to have a wonderful impact on more than just one of these issues. We want to see clean energy power the entire world. We want to see the ice caps stay as they are. We want to see the pristine coral reefs and oceans not filled with plastic debris. We want to see our gorgeous rainforests stay standing for all of the incredible animals that call them home. Help us make this a reality, and look amazing while doing it. Wear your heart on your sleeve and/or your wrist for that matter.

Tune in to our next post on why we are focusing on bamboo in our timeless designs, and how we are helping to keep our wonderful rainforests standing.