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Frequently asked questions

Where is Wooden Journey Planting Trees?

Trees are truly being planted across the world here at Wooden Journey. We make sure to only partner with the top tree planting organizations across the world. Some of the organizations that we plant with are Care Sumatra, The Eden Reforestation Project, and One Tree Planted. Not only do our tree planting sites help replenish the habitats around them, but also revitalize the communites financially surrounding them as well. The current tree planting sites we choosing to plant in are The Amazon Rainforest and Australia through One Tree Planted. We plant trees in Indonesia through the Eden Reforestation Project as well as Care Sumatra. We are also planting through the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar, Indonesia, Haiti, and Latin America.

Can you tell us about the necklace?

Our necklace cord is made of bamboo-a sustainable wood alternative distributed here in the US. We are currently in the process of identifying a type of wood for better sustainability that is upcycled. Upcycled wood is the most sustainable wood source that you can use because it is post-consumer and would otherwise been thrown out. Nick, Founder of Wooden Journey, currently is making each and every necklace by hand to assure quality if put behind every necklace for each one of our subscribers. This is very important to him. Currently each necklace does use wood, but one single tree can make thousands of necklaces which through us can plant tens of thousands for all necklace purchases. It is better to use wood since it is a sustainable material.

Is Wooden Journey Reputable?

Wooden Journey has 160,000 in its incredible community across all social media platforms. You can trust Wooden Journey through the already hundreds of monthly subscribers to Wooden Journey planting trees with us each and every month. We are also in the process of working on becoming a Certified B Corporation-a leading program for businesses to maintain being held to accountable standards. We ensure to make every single customer extremely happy while maintaining our dedication to the environment. This is the main mission of why Wooden Journey established. Any questions can always be asked at as well and Nick, the Founder of Wooden Journey will work hard to get quickly in touch with you!