Wildlife Wednesday!

This week, is by far my favorite week of the year - it's cephalopod week!

Cephalopods are the group of creatures within the mollusk family that include the octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus. The word cephalopod is Greek for "head food." My favorite within the cephalopod group, is the octopus.

Since I could go on and on about octopus, I've instead decided to list out a few of my favorite octopus facts below for your enjoyment.

  • Octopus have beaks.

  • Some species are venomous.

  • They can taste with their suckers.

  • Their lifespan is short, sometimes only a year.

  • Chromatophores (cells that contain pigment/color) are what allow octopus their color changing abilities.

  • Projections on an octopus' skin called papillae, allow them to change the texture of their skin.

  • Octopus have three hearts.

  • Their blood is blue (its copper based).

  • The majority of their neurons (the basic cell unit of the brain) are found in their arms. This means each of their arms can think for itself and act independently of each other and the rest of the body.

  • Octopus intelligence is remarkable and unparalleled in the animal kingdom (yes, this is a fact, not an opinion).

This is just a small sample of the many amazing facts out there about octopus and cephalopods. I challenge you to take the rest of cephalopod week and learn a new fact or two about the best creatures in the world (again, yes, this is a fact and not an opinion)!

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