Why Forests Matter

Updated: May 7

Thank you all for being part of this amazing Treefam! I know you all are eager and excited to conserve and reforest the planet - but why is this family you are joining so important?

Forests are a carbon sink - meaning they store excess carbon in the environment. This helps make sure the carbon cycle is balanced and our atmosphere is clean and healthy. As you may know, many human actions emit large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and has attributed to climate change. With less forests, other carbon sinks like the ocean, have to pick up the slack - but just like your sinks at home, they have a limit to what they can hold. While humans are in the process of adopting better practices to emit less carbon (a story for another post), focusing on reforesting the planet is a step in the right direction.

Let's also not forget that forests are important habitats and ecosystems to a large number of species of plants, animals (including humans), fungi, bacteria, etc. - both discovered and still waiting to be discovered. We are not the only organism on the planet, but we arguably have impacted it the most (and not in the best way) in our geologically short time here. So let's change that narrative, together, right now.

Education and action are powerful tools. So thank you for choosing to learn and grow with us, and create a better and healthier planet.

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