Too Much or Not Enough: Simplifying Climate Threats Episode 2

Welcome back to our next episode today!

Now if you’re anything like me, you have what we would call a brown thumb and can’t seem to keep any plant alive. But Mother Nature knows better. Native species have adapted and evolved with local conditions and are much better suited to survive and thrive, even if they’re planted by someone like me. The right plant for the right place will bail you out most of the time. Not only will this store and clean the waters coming from your gutters and driveway, but you will have just provided food and shelter for a whole host of native wildlife! Get to know your garden to best decide what to plant. How much shade is there? Is it getting blasted by the sun most of the day? Is it usually boggy there, or is the clay dry and like concrete? The answers to these simple questions can help ensure that you choose the right plant for the job.

All great challenges seem impossible at the outset, especially as we face other current challenges, but it can always be simplified into smaller and more manageable tasks. Break things down into smaller bits and move forward deliberately and with confidence. If you want to address climate change, clean the water. To clean the water, rethink your garden. So whether you’re ingesting a pachyderm or tackling climate change, start with the basics and focus on what you can do in your own space with the resources available to you. Make your bed and remember Matou Ko Te Wai, Te Wai No Tatou: We Are the Water, the Water is Us!

Keep on keeping on,

Adam Schellhammer

Thirsty Conservationist and Wooden Journey Contributor

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