To Feed...Or Not to Feed?

It might be cute. It might be fun. But bread is not good for everyone.

Please do not feed the wildlife. Why? Feeding changes their natural behavior and may be harmful to their health. The animal stops hunting/foraging for themselves and the food usually doesn't contain the vitamins/minerals/nutrients they need to survive.

Take the beloved duck for example - feeding bread to ducks is a long-lived tradition, but to ducks, bread is essentially "junk food." When they eat it, they fill up on less nutritional calories and don't have room for their healthy food. Also, bread that sits in the water starts to grow mold, so when it's finally eaten by a cute little duckling, they may get sick!

But what about a birdfeeder with birdseed in it? Also not a good idea. Generic birdseed mixes tend to have "filler" foods in it that are not the most nutritious. I would recommend doing your research on what types of seeds are best for the birds in your area before providing a feeder. An even better option would be to find out what natural foods the birds like and make sure they have ample access to that food source, such as a specific type of plant or fruit.

So the next time you think that duck or squirrel is cute, begging for food at your picnic table, think twice before tossing them that French fry.

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