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Updated: Jun 3

Helloooo Treefam!!!

This is Nick from Wooden Journey. You've made it to our incredible Wooden Journey Explore Feed! We truly cannot make a difference without and I am extremely thankful to have you here with us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining us.

I wanted to take a minute to 1. Humbly welcome you and 2. Teach you a little about what our platform offers here!

Explore Feed

Matt, Adam, Rochelle and I are SO excited to be offering this feature to you all to enjoy. This is where you will be able to explore with Wooden Journey and our team while you learn about our shared world each and every day you come visit. We made sure to have a few posts up already for your first time visiting, so please make sure to check those out as well!

We will be posting daily on our Explore Feed here and we promise that we will continue to impress you. We only ask one thing-please make sure to simply login, check-in daily each day, and simply check out our awesome posts here!

This page was made as a place where you can truly explore and engage with the environment and with our shared world. You can comment, like, and share our posts here as well with your friends and family. On top of that, you can do this as we continue to make the incredible impact we are making.

Daily Check-In Feature

Our mission from Day 1 of Wooden Journey was to make it easy for anyone in the world to be able to make a difference right from the comfort of their own home at little to no cost. We are proud to say that solution is finally here. By checking in daily, you are truly conserving rainforest with each and every click.

This is how it works:

  1. You click the check-in button on your free account

  2. We track the amount of times the button is clicked

  3. We conserve rainforest with key organizations depending on the amount of check-ins.

  4. Our subscribers choose their monthly plan to plant monthly and get access to our full platform here.

  5. We take a portion of those subscription sales to power this free tool for you for those who cant subscribe.

Become a Member to Wooden Journey

Our subscribers truly power our entire platform and what we do wouldn't be possible without them. It is as simple as that. Every single month, our subscribers are helping us reforest and protecting our world. There are 3 affordable tiers that you can subscribe to Wooden Journey with:

  1. $4.99 - Basic

  2. $9.99 - Grove

  3. $19.99 - Unlimited

We made it simple guys. If someone is able to eat out one night per month or get a coffee once per month, they can truly reforest the world with Wooden Journey. We hold these values strongly because we wanted to make it easy for anyone who wants to join us and support our movement. Every tier comes with its own benefits, so please pick the one that fits you best here

Each and every day, we are working to making your subscription to Wooden Journey as valuable to you as possible. We are a very small team, and every subscription makes a big difference to us. If you have any feedback or recommendations, please let us know!

We are so excited to have you here, and all we ask you to do is....well....enjoy YOUR platform with Wooden Journey!

Here's to reforesting the world + making the world a greener place....until next time!


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