Melting ice sheets means underwater cities

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Today we will be explaining how sea level rise can effect most of the world's population if we were to lose all of our ice sheets. Ice sheets, including Greenland and Antartica are melting faster than ever before. The problem equates to all of that ice entering the ocean and flooding our coasts. There are plenty of places in the world that are already facing these awful effects. This would be one of the most expensive and hardest environmental problems to fix. Take a look at the worlds cities. You will notice that most major cities are based extremely close to the coast. This is because shipping and ports can easily with lower costs of transportation to major cities. However, even a few feet would completely displace most parts of all major cities. How do you take a building that's already built and move it higher off the ground? This would require major financial and manual resources to be allocated toward fixing this issue. When you look at the problem solely in an economical aspect, wouldn't it be more cost efficient to not have to rebuild all of our major cities for decades to come, all while making the world a better place? Seems sort of simple to us.

Then, of course, there's the ecosystem impact that would have on a vast majority of species. Polar bears, penguins, sea lions, and countless more arctic species literally lose their homes when the ice melts and get permanently replaced. This is all the result of not having a sustainably ran energy grid, unsustainable food production, and harmful emissions in our transportation sector. Each one of these situation adds to sea level rise on a global scale. Buy a wooden item, support our ice sheets staying just as Buy a wooden item, create the change you want this world to have.

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