Please note that each and every photo that you see under our “Gallery” tab are pictures of directly we are planting trees. These are not stock images and are taken directly at the tree planting sites with our partners. We believe that by showing these incredible photos taken across the world, we can share our work and be able to show the work that our community helps accomplish in these areas. We make sure that the trees we plant have a positive impact in the environments that they will thrive in!


We only plant trees that:

1. Have a positive environmental impact

2. Help local communities/help create sustainable jobs

3. Are only native plants to help further the integrity of the natural area.

Financial Integrity

Financial integrity is also very important here at Wooden Journey. Among the sites that we help plant at, prices vary from as little as a few cents to as high $4 per tree. We are planting in the areas that we feel need it the most and plant there accordingly. That being said, dependent on the tier that our subscribers choose in turn helps plant across these regions. 

Please keep in mind and respect that we are a very small organization with minimal resources and just like any company or nonprofit-we have overhead and monthly bills that we must pay such as website development and taxes so we can continue to making an improving environmental impact.

With this being said we are aiming to become a leader in this aspect financially as well. Once we are more established, we are working hard towards our goal of every membership at Wooden Journey having at least 60% of each monthly memberships go towards direct environmental initiatives. These initiatives include our tree planting, direct rainforest conservation programs + building our daily check-in program further!


Our very small monthly budget drastically changes month to month because of our organizations size, and certain funds need to be allocated to different resources (website development, product resources, etc.) on a regular basis.


 In addition, we are working on becoming a Certified B Corp once we are able to afford the process of being reviewed! This certification is only given to most transparent and top businesses that strive to do business in the best and fairest ways. We are on track to easily qualify for this certification, so stay tuned for more!

Rainforest Conservation + Daily Check-in Program

We are currently conserving rainforest through key rainforest conservation non-profits where all donations made to the go directly to the conservation sites.


 Thanks to our incredible Wooden Journey subscribers, we are able to offer our daily check in program where you can conserve for free. We take a portion of our membership amount in order to give our treefam this powerful and free tool where you can support rainforest conservation right from home! This enables our community to come full circle and support one another. Stop by our home page to see the total amount conserved to date - updated regularly!

Wooden Journey Necklace

Our handcrafted necklace for all of our incredible subscribers! Make sure to check out pictures of the Wooden Journey Necklace in the "Gallery" tab! Every necklace is handmade by Nick in the state of New York. We make each and every necklace and do not outsource these being made. We use a sustainable bamboo string since bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials that can be used in any sort of production. It is also designed and distributed within the US. For the wood of our necklace, we are currently in the process of switching to upcycled wood once we are able to add more room to store it in our facility. Did you know that upcycled wood is the most sustainable wood available? It is wood that is being repurposed that was otherwise already headed to a landfill! 


Values and Mission

It is important for organizations to be thorough and transparent. Wooden Journey was founded to make a difference to help our shared world, and nothing would ever change that. We were founded Earth Day, 2019 and are very proud of that fact since it ties in fully with our environmental values. Your support is absolutely and fully appreciated and we are truly making a difference together!

Wooden Journey was truly started so anyone, anywhere, all under one roof would be able to not only plant trees at an affordable cost, but also conserve rainforest right from their home! That is the reason that we were founded and stand by our mission to the fullest. Let's reforest the world. Let's make the world a greener place.